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About Us

We are one of the leading glass tougheners, processors, laminators and painters in Indonesia. For all that you need in glass we can supply. Whether it be for a Toughened Glass Balustrade, Splashback, Shower Screen, Partition or Shelves our dedicated team will able to advise and assist you with the process. With the ability to deliver glass nationwide for one-off projects or daily deliveries we have the capabilities to supply a premium service. Our products include; Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Painted Glass and Fire Rated Glass. We also supply Glass fittings for Shower Screens, Partitions and Balustrades.

Surabaya Glass by Express Toughening toughen circa 3750 pieces of glass per day ranging from 4mm upto 19mm and from clear to obscure in our state of the art toughening plant. ¬†Toughened glass is produced by heating regular float glass after it has been cut to size and edged. Depending on the thickness of glass we heat the plant up to 680 degrees creating balanced internal stresses. The toughened glass if broken would crumble into small, less harmful pieces as opposed to dangerous shards. Such properties make the toughened glass suitable for use in Shower Doors, Conservatories, Table Tops, Balustrades etc…
For detailed information, you can reach us at 0852 3507 9690.

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